About Frances.Menu

Frances.Menu is where you will find inspiration for food recipes and food photography! If you’re stuck in a rut in terms of how to shoot a recipe, check out my behind the scenes process where I explain how the food set is lit and some of my food styling thoughts! Also, each recipe is tested and re-tested and I only post what I feel is successful so you can get the most delicious of results. Taking recipe suggestions and requests for lighting challenges!

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Who am I?

I am Frances, a Food Photographer, Baking & Pastry Arts Management Diploma holder, and Foodie in the wonderful city of Toronto. Photography is a major part of my life and I must confess that taking photos of food is one of my motivations for starting this blog.

I have two overly affectionate birds (cockatiels) who have their own instagram account and more fans than I will ever have—find them on instagram under @cockatielhour.

I am addicted to salsa dancing and I try and find time to go whenever I can, if you’re a fellow salsero/salsera in Toronto and want to go salsa, shoot me an email!



At the beginning of each recipe on this site you will find a line of credit to give attribution to the source of the recipe, whether it be an adaptation or inspiration. According to the foodblogalliance ‘Adapted from’ means I’ve modified published recipe slightly. ‘Inspired by’ means I have looked at a recipe and I’ve modified it substantially although it is still somewhat similar to the publisher’s recipe. In both cases I re-write the instructions of the recipe in my own words according to what works for me. 

All photos and material on this website are copyrighted, unless I have given credit to some other publisher. Please contact me at hello@frances.menu if you like to purchase a digital file of my photo.


What recipe app do you use?

I am a HUGE fan of Pepperplate which is a beautifully designed (not to mention free) recipe app that allows you to save and share the recipes from various sites, all into one location. Then, it syncs seamlessly onto your smartphone/tablet, how great is that! I know my kitchen would not be the same without it (at this point I sound like a sales rep, but I’m really just a big fan of the how user-friendly this interface is).