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Braided Easter Egg Bread

Easter Bread Ring

I had a spur of the moment Easter baking session using Allrecipes’ tasty Braided Easter Egg Bread recipe. I am super impressed! The recipe was very easy to follow and it was a pleasure to bite into sweet warm bread straight from the oven. As you can see, I dyed the eggs beforehand to give the bread wreath a bit of color and I love the result!

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Apple Pie Squares with Flaky Butter Crust

Apple Pie Square

I had this apple pie squares idea stuck in my head for over a month now. I would write down the recipe, go about my day and fall asleep, only to dream of apple pie squares dancing around me. Then, I would wake up and fervently correct the recipe based on my dreams. It was with excitement and relief when I finally had the time and energy to try out the recipe I imagined.

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