I had this apple pie squares idea stuck in my head for over a month now. I would write down the recipe, go about my day and fall asleep, only to dream of apple pie squares dancing around me. Then, I would wake up and fervently correct the recipe based on my dreams. It was with excitement and relief when I finally had the time and energy to try out the recipe I imagined.


I wanted to make a light, square bar version of an apple pie that you can easily pack to work or school as a snack. Make no mistake—slices of thick, hot apple pie dolloped with ice-cream are delicious in their own way. But sometimes I just want a small nibble to compliment my milk or tea.


Last weekend, Veronica and I had a date night trying out Auntie Anne’s Copycat Pretzel recipe from Yammie’s Noshery (you may remember Veronica from the amazing Shrimp Pastry Pouch Hors D’ouvres recipe). This recipe was super easy to make and tasted like puffy, bread-like buttery bites of nomnomnom-ness. I will definitely be making them again.



I first tried natto when I was interning at a boutique advertising agency in Vancouver. During that time, I lived with my cousin and his roomate on Burnaby Mountain, commuted to work in Yaletown and occasionally visited friends in Richmond.

This trip was an eye-opener for me, both professionally and personally. Not only was it my first job in the design field, it was also my first time experiencing that you did not need a car to get places, cooking (yikes!) and eating avocados (I know!) among many other things. I came back a changed person, and somehow, Vancity had turned me into a foodie.


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